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    Kristy Weston

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry for the long description!!!

    I have your app and I have also installed the better shipping rate app as we price by gathering the postal codes in there geographical area...for example Brisbane North, Brisbane South etc. I am just stumped on how to configure the apps together. I have input the postal codes and titles the same as below in your app and broken down the areas by naming them Local Delivery 1, LD 2, LD 3, LD 4 in the better shipping app also. I feel that I may be forgetting something as the better shipping LD price is not coming up when I click on the widget Local delivery and input my postcode which advises I am eligible for local delivery.

    In the shipping settings on my Shopify site I have the real time carrier set as better shipping with areas and store pick up.

    Could you please advise my next steps!!

    Thank you so much

    Kind regards,


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    Virán Tilakdharie

    Hi guys!

    We are all set up, but, additional cost that are part of the delivery method, do no show up in the cart. Basically, all methods are free (shipping or delivery), which is not the case.
    We double checked on installation and code, but are not able to find the source of the problem. Can you help us?

    Kind regards,

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