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    Andrew Cargill
    Hey Chris, as long as you are using Shopify then the app should be working perfectly. I've just messaged you on your other post asking for an invite to your store so that I can see what went wrong. Thanks, Andy
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    Hello , 

    Is there any way to use this to disable delivery if the value is not matching our default ? 

    We want to disable delivery option if the city entered is diferent from what we are allowing. 



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    Andrew Cargill

    Hey Dan, 

    Thanks for getting in touch. You are currently able to validate if a customer lives within your delivery range using the app. So a customer can type in their address (or just normally their postal code). Then the app will pre-populate the country, region and postal code fields within the Checkout.

    Also you can use an app such as https://apps.shopify.com/parcelify to specify that the delivery addresses city much identically match yours. That way if a customer accidentally changes the pre-populated address it won't allow them to checkout.

    FYI we are currently building this functionality into our own app so everything can be done in one place. We should have those changes live later this week :) 




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